RubyWorld Conference 2019 Prospectus

The 11th RubyWorld Conference is on its way. We hope it will give you a true sense of the expanding Ruby ecosystem. Ever since Ruby was first launched, we have emphasized the intentions and feelings of the developer. The principles in the design of Ruby have always been human-centric, namely to achieve development efficiency over implementation efficiency, to emphasize elevation of mood over enhancement of function. Just take the phrase, “A Programmer’s Best Friend,” that appears on its website. This alone is an indication of Ruby’s attitude of supporting the feelings of software developers. Since the very beginning, we have always kept in mind that, to increase the productivity of software development, the feelings of programmers is a factor that cannot be ignored. We believe that this determination to “never ignore the human element” is one reason why Ruby has continued to be so well loved. “Treasure the human element.” “Have fun developing.” “Maximize the productivity of software development.” “Make the business a success.” While at first glance these goals may seem unrelated, they are in fact closely related, which we believe is something that the twenty-five years of Ruby’s history and the ten years of the RubyWorld Conference has shown us. The reward for this has been the growth of understanding of Ruby and the many people who have come to identify with the importance of Ruby’s principles. These many people have come together to create a movement and that movement has turned into power. A community of people who love Ruby have brought their respective outcomes to show each other, giving birth to a rich ecosystem the likes of which we could never have imagined in the past. From now on, it will be important for us to grow this ecosystem more than ever and to welcome new participants into its membership. This is because Ruby’s greatest value is this very community, which has always welcomed others and which will continue to welcome them into the future.

Yukihiro Matsumoto
Chairman of the Execution Committee of the RubyWorld Conference

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RubyWorld Conference 2019